Transport platforms of vehicles

Transport platforms of vehicles


Closed transport platforms are designed for the transport of exclusive, high-quality vehicles.

Off-set platforms with hydraulic and loading ramp with extremely flat angle of overrun platforms are made ​​of aluminium.

The cabinetries are designed and manufactured specifically for the purpose of transporting vehicles at trade fairs, exhibitions, races, test drives, presentations, the workshop specialist, car showrooms, to end customers, etc.

They provide the best possible protection during transport for your exclusive vehicles, new cars, sports cars, racing cars, contemporary and historic vehicles intended for exhibitions, prototypes not yet suitable for driving and many more...

Rails and latching - locking elements put into the platform floor as well as security systems for process of loading and unloading enable it to run without risking damage to the vehicle.

Specially designed wheels mounting provide security for cargo.

"Tailor-made" solutions for each specialist transport platform.

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