Heavy duty recovery vehicle

Vehicles used for rescue


Vehicles manufactured by EUROTECHNIK, designed for rescue operations are characterized by high degree of reliability.

Indeed we attach great importance to the high level of manufacturing technology and the strength of these vehicles.

Our vehicles designed for rescue operations on the one hand show high action efficiency, on the other hand, must be sufficiently flat to be able to transport modern trucks and buses without damage.

Extra flat off-set systems and different axial, spring and bracket modules create flexible opportunities for responding to these tasks in any situation.

Vehicles manufactured by EUROTECHNIK, designed to rescue operations cannot be bought from "the shelf of the car showroom".

Their design and construction are in fact agreed with a specific customer, especially in relation to its requirements. You can make a choice within the whole range of different equipment variants, e.g. with regard to lifting arms, so-called "Glasses" (8-12 tonnes), various variants of cargo space management (truck body, full-sized body), wagon equipment, many cable hoist and leading ring.



In order to make the towing specialist work easier, all vehicles are equipped with the „power tilt” (a special tilt drive). Video systems for monitoring the vehicle in reverse gear helps the driver for the entire duration of the manoeuvre to keep an overview of the situation (as in the backward direction).


Operational safety is the highest priority. Hydraulic brackets used in rescue (transversely located) provide maximum stability, rescue jaw performed by a broken line contour for optimum stability and balance in action carried out on the ground without asphalt.

Passive safety:

The offer a wide range of light beams, front and rear flashing lights and reflective films.

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